Dutch Elections: Debate Night


The Dutch elections are coming up and they might just be the most important in Dutch history. Will the PVV take the lead, will the VVD stay in parliament, or will new kid on the block Klaver surprise everyone and spark a revolution? Come see on the 15th of March!

Urios, in collaboration with the UCU Debating Union and Utrecht Debating Society, will host a fun election night. We will stream the exit polls, have cheap beer available and do some public speaking and debating games while we wait for the results. Everyone is welcome!

For international students, a small info lecture will be given on how Dutch politics works and what the current state of affairs is. This will just take 5-10 minutes, but will make sure you are completely familiar with the politics in this beautiful country. In other words: an excellent opportunity to learn some valuable stuff about your host country.

We will serve several snacks, such as ‘bitterballen’. Also, first drink is for free and in case you want more than one drink: beer costs only 1 euro! We repeat: CHEAP ALCOHOL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Cheers and see you on the 15th of March in the UCU Bar!