ICRC Presentation by mr. Ahmad HALLAK, former Head of Office

The ICRC works in armed conflict zones all over the world, protecting the victims of war and ensuring that International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is respected and followed. Afghanistan is the 3rd largest ICRC operation in the world, with an annual budget of nearly 70 million Euros in 2014.

Would you like to learn more about what it is like to work in a ‘hot spot’ as an ICRC staff member? Learn about what the main responsibilities and challenges look like, and what knowledge and skills are required to be able do this work? Come talk to our special ICRC guest on Friday April 22nd and find out! You are free to ask all the questions you have regarding the topic.

Mr. Ahmad Hallak, MBA, is a former Head of Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Until very recently, mr. Hallak managed the provincial ICRC Office with 120 staff members, being responsible for effective and integrated implementation of all ICRC programs. As Head of Office he represented the ICRC with provincial and local authorities, security forces, armed opposition and other key actors of ongoing armed conflict in the region. One of his tasks was to identify humanitarian challenges in the area and ensure a timely and effective response, as well as analyze and manage the security and political environment.
Before that Mr. Hallak worked as ICRC Field Delegate in Darfur (Sudan) and ICRC Protection Delegate in Kirkuk (Iraq). He has coordinated ICRC aid operations for 12,000 households in South Darfur with regional authorities. Furthermore, he has visited and assessed four places of detention in Mosul (Iraq) during unstable and volatile period. Prior to his work for the ICRC Mr. Hallak worked in financial management.

In his informal talk on the 22nd of April. mr. Hallak will tell about his career path, the work that ICRC does in Afghanistan and about his own work as the Head of Mission. He will also focus on IHL, and more specifically, the aspects he has encountered during his missions (violations, application dilemma’s, etc).

If you would like to join this unique opportunity to talk to Mr. Hallak himself and ask any questions about his work and IHL experiences you may have, then please sign up via board@urios.org. We hope to see you there!

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