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More Information on the Study Association

Urios (Utrecht Study Association for International and European Law) organizes many interesting activities, including two annual study trips (to Rome, Geneva, Vienna, Brussels), various excursions (to Amnesty International, the Red Cross, the International Court of Justice, ministries or embassies), lectures (on current events, such as Gaddafi’s Libya or the riots in London) and two annual symposia (on, for instance, Protecting Civilians during the Arab Spring or Dutch vs EU Migration Policy). Our members are both Dutch and exchange students. We also have a monthly members drink.

Urios has a part time board, which requires about 10-15 hours each week. The board is a lot of fun! There is a private board room in the new Janskerkhof 3 building, for meetings. As a board member you organise many activities, you get to know many interesting people, you receive a (small) board scholarship, and of course you get to attend all of the Urios activities!


More Information on the Board Functions:

The President carries the main responsibility for Urios’s policy. Internally, he (or she) makes sure that the other board members are well-motivated and make a good team. He leads, coordinates, monitors and assists the board, delegates tasks and ensures that the board can use every possible resource. The President chairs the board meetings and assembles the agenda. Externally, he pays attention to the bigger picture, the future of Urios and its renown. He also concerns himself with the ‘social’ matters, such as officially thanking the committees and Urios’s Dies Natalis. Together with the Secretary, he keeps the website up to date and regularly sends newsletters to the members. Leadership skills and accesibility for members and external contacts are important qualities in a President.

The Secretary is the axle around which every board can operate. He (or she) is a multifunctional centipede with a variety of responsibilities. Externally, his main tasks are to keep the list of members up to date and to stay in touch with the members and other parties, such as the boards of other study associations. The Secretary keeps Urios up to date on all sorts of matters, for instance the website, the email and the snail mail. He is the President’s right hand, and manages the board’s agenda. His other tasks include taking minutes at the board meetings, composing the newsletters and arranging the members’ drinks. The Secretary’s job is highly diversified, and requires a high sense of responsibility, organisational skills and unwearying enthusiasm.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing Urios’ finances. The Treasurer’s main tasks are keeping track of Urios’ cash flows and keeping the organisation financially healthy. The Treasurer draws up budgets for study trips, symposia and other activities. He/she is further responsible for collecting membership fees. Besides working independently on financial matters, the Treasurer works closely with his/her fellow board members when making budgets, drafting contracts and raising funds. Eventually, the Treasurer keeps the other board members informed about Urios’ financial situation and gives advise when dealing with financial issues. This position requires dedication, accuracy and responsibility

Activities Commissioner
The Activities Commissioner is the chair of the Activities Committee. He (or she) organizes an activity for the members every month. This can be a lecture, a debate, an excursion or anything else related to international or European law. Together with his Committee, he also organizes two study trips, a short one in the autumn semester and week-long trip in the spring semester. Once a year, the Activities Commissioner organizes the Career Event Day for students of international and European Law. He carries the main responsibility for the activities that are organized. A good Activities Commissioner is creative, enthusiastic and thrives on the ability to take initiative.

Commissioner for External Affairs
As the name implies, the Commissioner for External Affairs is responsible for all of Urios’s contact with external entities. These include students, Utrecht University and (potential) sponsors. He tries to recruit new members by calling the attention of Utrecht students to the association, he assists other board members in promoting their activities, keeps an eye out for possibilities to collaborate with other study associations and looks for new sponsors. He chairs the External Affairs Committe, which assists him in carrying out his tasks. This function requires unwearying enthusiasm, creativity and assertiveness.

MUN Commissioner
The MUN Commissioner is the president of the Urios MUN Society. Urios MUN Society takes delegations to three MUN conferences each year, varying from conferences for first-time participants to more prestigious, well-established MUNs.The Society offers Urios members a discount on the participation fees for the various MUNs. More importantly, however, the MUN society offers preparatory courses before each conference that it attends, both for delegates and other interested parties. During these courses, the board of the MUN society and various experts from the field explain the rules of procedure, hone the participants’ debating skills and teach the basics of diplomacy. The Urios MUN Society also organizes other UN-related activities and excursions.

Symposium Commissioner
The Symposium Commissioner is the chair of the Symposium Committee. Together with his committee, he organizes two symposia each year. He approaches potential speakers and sponsors, and stays in touch with lecturers and companies. He also promotes the symposia and arranges the location and other practical matters. Important qualities in a Symposium Commissioner include good research skills, enthusiasm and dedication.


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