Lecture: Reforming EU Asylum Law

The last few years the refugee crisis has been dominating both the newspapers and the political debates. The current EU Asylum Law is not effective and has led to thousands of refugees knocking on the ports of Europe, whilst the politicians could not reach a settlement about the refugee quota. In 2016 the European Commission made several proposals to amend the EU Asylum Law to restore the order in Europe. However, as usual in European politics, not every country was on the same page regarding these proposed amendments. The disagreements even led to a case before the European Court of Justice between Hungary and the European Union. Hungary’s loss in this case resulted in their minister of foreign affairs accusing Europe of political rape, showing the definite resolution for the crisis is far from reached. Join the lecture and learn more about the legal framework for the reformation of the EU Asylum Law and the political challenges the execution of the law faces from the politicians themselves!

Bram van Ojik (GroenLinks)
– Member of the House of Representatives, former migration specialist for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kati Piri (PvdA, S&D)
– Member of the European Parliament for the Socialists and Democrats

Dr. Mark Klaassen (UvL)
– Assistant Professor of Immigration Law at Leiden University, former policy advisor for the Dutch Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs

When: 27th November 2017, 18:45-21:00
Where: Drift 21, room 0.32

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