Lecture: the ICC (Urios & Ad Informandum)

The International Criminal Court came into existence in 2002, intending to prosecute international crimes, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Since then, over 1 billion euros has been spent and only 2 individuals have been convicted. Clearly, something is going wrong.

But is the Court really ineffective in itself? After all, world powers like the US, Russia and China have refused to become State Parties, thereby spurring on its ineffectiveness. Furthermore, there have been several allegations of biased prosecutions and investigations, leading to several African countries revoking their membership. How does the ICC itself feel about these criticisms, what does its future look like and how does it compare to other institutes, such as the International Court of Justice?

On May 10, Urios and Ad Informandum are organising an event with three speakers to discuss these questions and more, which will be followed by a Q&A and a discussion!

The speakers are:
-Judge Howard Morrison. Sir Morrison is a British lawyer and, since 2011, a Judge of the ICC. Having studied and practiced law in London, Judge Morrison became an expert on human rights and international criminal law. Since 2009, Sir Morrison was appointed as a Judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia and the ICC .
– Diana Goff. Drs. Goff is a Research Fellow in the Conflict Research Unit of the Clingendael Institute. Having studied law at Vanderbilt, she developed extensive experience at ICTY, ICTR and the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Within CRU, she specialises in rule of law and criminal justice.
– Joris van Wijk. Dr. van Wijk is an associate professor criminology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. At the moment, he co-directs the Center for International Criminal Justice and conducts research in this field. Throughout his career, Dr. van Wijk worked as a visiting scholar in Melbourne and Oslo, and as a visiting professional at the ICC’s Office of the Prosecutor.

When? 10 May 2017. Doors open at 16:30, the event will start at 17:00 and is expected to end at 19:00.
Where? Room 0.19 in Janskerkhof 2-3, Utrecht
Costs? Free!
Sign up? Via this link: https://urios.codex.link/publicly/subscribeEvent/48