Lecture: Threats to Online Privacy

On the 5th of October, Urios is organising its first lecture of the academic year, which will concern threats to online privacy! Please sign up at symposium@urios.org

Since the introduction of the first commercial computer, almost 3 billion people have gained access to the internet. Although the digital revolution has advanced modern society in many ways, the internet’s ever-increasing influence is also posing an incremental threat to our privacy.
For example, Wikileaks disclosed the identities of gay citizens in Saudi Arabia, while 145 million eBay accounts were compromised by a large-scale hack. Furthermore, search engines and social media are collecting proliferating amounts of information. With over 1.2 billion users worldwide, Facebook does not only store a gigantic amount of user data, but it allegedly has also passed on big data to other corporations. In addition, national legislatures have provided governments with extended competences to infringe on citizens’ privacy. For instance, Edward Snowden revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments.

During this event, three experts will each hold a short lecture in which a threat to online privacy is highlighted. The threats discussed include whistleblowers like Wikileaks, social media and counter-terrorism legislation. Afterwards, a discussion panel with the experts will take place, where you are encouraged to ask your questions and take part in the conversation!

Speakers of the lecture are:

Mrs. Vonne Laan => lawyer at Van Doorne advocaten, specialised in privacy law

Professor Simone van der Hof => eLaw Professor and Head of the Center for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University

Mr. Ton Siedsma => activist at Bits of Freedom, a digital rights foundation focused on privacy and communications freedom

When? 5 October 2016. Doors open at 17.00, the event itself will start at 17.15 and is expected to end at 19.30.
Where? Raadszaal in Achter Sint Pieter 200, Utrecht.
Costs? Free! Please sign up at symposium@urios.org.