Lecture: Criminalizing Ecocide

Join us at the first lecture of this academic year regarding the criminalisation of ecocide! Over the years there have been several situations in which the preservation of our environment was at risk. Think of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, the deforestation in the Amazon area, the oil exploitation of the Niger Delta and the bee colony collapse. Ecocide law would make these examples of environmental destruction illegal. Since 1972 there have been several proposals to criminalise ecocide. However, today it’s more than 40 years later and the Rome Statute still consists of four international crimes. In the meantime, the devastation of the environment has become an urgent problem. Therefore, several activists believe the time has come to finally include ecocide in the Rome Statute as the fifth international crime.


  • Kirsten Meersschaert is the Director of Programs at the Coalition for the ICC. She spoke about ecocide on several occasions and will provide her views on including ecocide in the Rome Statute.
  • Tim Boekhout van Solinge is a green criminologist who has been involved in several projects in the Amazon area amongst others. He will talk about these projects and he will give examples of ecocide.
  • Shirleen Chin and Wouter Veening work at the International Institute for Environmental Security. They will give a lecture about the greater role of economic crime in fuelling mass ecocide and the relationship between ecocide and security

September 26, 19:00 – 21:00

J-K 2-3, room 0.19

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