Symposium: Populism with Wouter Bos and Uri Rosenthal

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In the Netherlands, populism as a political movement has been spreading gradually since Pim Fortuyn’s establishment of Lijst Pim Fortuyn in 2002 and Geert Wilders’ political party PVV. While the PVV obtained 20 parliamentary seats in the Dutch elections of March 2017, other populist movements have similarly been catching momentum in several countries, such as the United States, France, Austria and Hungary. Political leaders like Donald Trump and Marine le Pen often clash with fundamental pillars of Western society, such as freedom of expression, non-discrimination, tolerance and freedom of religion. In addition, the movements frequently take a hard stance on current global challenges, such as the migrant crisisin Europe, global warming, terrorism and the rule of law. On the other hand, the political left has seen the rise of populist-socialist movements, most notably Bernie Sanders’ grass-root movement and the Dutch Socialist Party, SP, under politicians Jan Marijnissen and Emile Roemer.

In this symposium, four experts on populism will hold lectures discussing the above mentioned topics and other aspects related to this political movement. Afterwards, a discussion panel and Q&A session is organised, during which you have the opportunity to ask your questions and engage in discussion with our speakers!

The speakers are:
– Prof. Dr. Uri Rosenthal. Former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, political scientist
– Drs. Wouter Bos. Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Minister of Finance and political leader of PvdA
– Saskia Dekkers. Europe correspondent, Nieuwsuur
– Prof. Dr. Sybe Schaap. VVD-representative at the Dutch Senate, political philosopher
– Chair: Dr. Koen Vossen. Author, political historian and Political Science Professor, Radboud University Nijmegen

Location? Aula, Academiegebouw Utrecht University, Domplein 29, 3512 JE
Date? 12 June 2017, 18.30 – 21.45. Doors open at 18.00.
Sign up? E-mail to symposium.urios@gmail.com or click this link:https://urios.codex.link/publicly/subscribeEvent/50
Costs? Members: free! Non-members: 1.50 euro