Symposium ‘Russia vs. The West: A biased portrayal of foreign politics?’

Communism versus capitalism, Russia versus the United States, Ukraine versus the Crimea. Every day we are flooded with stories about Russia’s dangerous strategy in foreign politics. But is it really that bad compared to the West? And do our media actually portray the two stories on an equally objective basis?

On the 26th of May study association Urios is hosting a symposium on the topic of the foreign politics of Russia and The West and how it’s portrayed in the media.

Speakers include:
– Adam Sterling, chargés d’affaire US embassy in The Hague and nominated to be ambassador
– Marie-Thérèse ter Haar, russia expert + founder of the Empirique Russia & Eastern Europe Academy, where courses and lectures are offered on various subjects.
– Hella Rottenberg, former Moscow-correspondent for de Volkskrant.
– prof. Willem van Genugten, professor in International Law and human rights at Tilburg University
– chair: dr. Machiko Kanetake, Assistant Professor of Public International Law and a coordinator of the Master’s Program in Public International Law at Utrecht University.

When? 26th of May, 19.15 till 22.00
Where? Academiegebouw, Senaatszaal (Domplein 29, Utrecht)
Costs? FREE for members, €2,- for non-members

Sign up by sending an email to symposium@urios.org