Utrecht Journal Board

  • The Utrecht Journal

    The Utrecht Journal of International and European Law is a student-led, double-blind peer-reviewed online journal. It is published biannually by Ubiquity Press. Each year the Board of Editors publishes an Issue on international and European law in general and a themed edition. The Utrecht Journal contains research articles, case notes, book reviews, interviews and conference reports. Submissions may be made by students as well as academics and practitioners.

    The Utrecht Journal Board of Editors chooses the theme for each volume, after which a professor will assist in demarcating the subject. Once the theme has been chosen, the Board has to find articles relating to the subject. To this end, the Board sends out a global call for papers. Once the papers start arriving, the Board monitors the quality of the articles. If they deem them to be of a sufficiently high standard, they send the paper to a so-called blind referee; a professor who does not know the author of the paper. This is to maintain the high standards that an academic journal is set. If the referee approves of the article, the Board of Editors and the original authors will make final corrections and revisions, which can entail changes of anything from the use and quality of the English to the structure and strength of the arguments posited to the use of citations. The Utrecht Journal is published on www.utrechtjournal.org , as well as on the prestigious US database Hein-Online and SSRN.

  • Board of Editors

    The Utrecht Journal Board of Editors of 2015-2016 so far consists of:

    Editor-in-chief and Solicitations editor:

    Shan Patel


    External Affairs editor:

    Graham Butler


    Executive Editors:

    Karolina Aksamitowska

    Alexander Gilder

    Eleanor Pahlow

    Helen Richardson

    Maddalena Visser

    Tim Vos

    Klea Vyshka

    Diewertje Wapstra

    We are still looking for editors. If you have over 120 ECTS and are interested in spending approximately 8 hours a week contributing to Utrecht’s first student-led scientific law journal, please send your résumé and a short letter of motivation to utrechtjournal@urios.org

  • History

    The Merkourios, Utrecht Journal of International and European Law, was founded in 1981. As the student-magazine, which it was at that time, Merkourios contained summaries of study-trips, conferences and other issues related to Urios, the study association for International and European Law. In the following years, until 2011, Merkourios was published 73 times. During these years, Merkourios evolved from a student-magazine into a formal law journal run by members of Urios. In 2009, the evolution into a professional law journal was finalized when a group of referees were introduced to peer-review the articles published in Merkourios. In 2013 Merkourios changed its name into the Utrecht Journal of International and European Law.