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    Utrecht Journal of International and European Law is an open access, peer-reviewed, student-led law journal affiliated with Utrecht University. The Journal aims to contribute to legal scholarship on international and European law by promoting these fields’ progressive development and providing an international forum for interaction between academia, practitioners and students. Each issue of Utrecht Journal is devoted to a specific theme chosen by the Board of Editors. The Journal is edited by students, is published biannually and applies double blind peer review.

  • August 31 2017: ‘The Fusion of International and Domestic Law in a Globalised World’

    It is my great pleasure to introduce the 85th issue of the Utrecht Journal of International and European Law (UJIEL) filled with thought-provoking, original and timely contributions. One of the themes that links the articles from many different legal fields, and which is something the readers might find particularly interesting, is the issue of the developed/developing states’ divide. This General Issue highlights the universal nature of some of the struggles (for instance terrorism or environmental problems) and helps us realise that to be effective the legal solutions must be similarly universal and not solely Western law-focused. The authors in turn develop innovative legal solutions on how to tackle such problems as discrimination, extremism and many others.

    The first two articles show us how domestic law can be improved with the aid of international law and vice versa. Gregor Maučec shows that the domestic standard of proof with regards to discrimination in death penalty cases could be improved with the aid of EU guidelines and decisions of the international treaty bodies. The authors of the second article show how Islamic legal norms could aid the legal systems in contemporary conflict settings. Articles three and four discuss the very important issue of restriction of rights. The fifth article proposes how developing countries could legally resolve the issue of the import of electronic waste by developed countries, by using international law.

  • Board of Editors

    The Utrecht Journal Board of Editors of 2017-2018


    • Karolina Aksamitowska

    Executive Editors:

    • Elif Durmuş
    • Joske Graat
    • Paulina Phoa
    • Emma Várnagy
    • Riccardo Vecellio Segate
    • Soumyaa Verma
    • Klea Vyshka
    • Diewertje Wapstra

    Sollicitations Editor:

    • Noémie Gagnon-Bergeron

    We are still looking for editors. If you have over 120 ECTS and are interested in spending approximately 8 hours a week contributing to Utrecht’s first student-led scientific law journal, please send your résumé and a short letter of motivation to utrechtjournal@urios.org

  • History

    Merkourios was founded in 1981. As the student magazine, which it was at that time, Merkourioscontained summaries of study-trips, conferences and other issues related to Urios, the study association for International and European Law. Over the following years, until 2009, Merkourios was published 70 times. During these years Merkourios evolved from a student magazine into a formal law journal run by members of Urios. In 2009, the evolution into a professional law journal was finalised when a group of referees were introduced to peer-review the articles published in Merkourios. From Vol. 30 (2014) the journal is published under the title Utrecht Journal of International and European Law.